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Wellthy Soul

$100 Health Strategy Call

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🌈 Spend 45 minutes online with Layne Bruner, Founder of Wellthy Soul, a Premiere Holistic Health Coaching company based in Austin, TX. Next receive a personalized, self-guided action plan for you to use at home. 

🍏 Discover the personalized approach to health with Layne

🌿 Our $100 Health Strategy Call is your key to:

  • Unlocking your motivation 
  • Embracing whole food nutrition
  • Reprioritizing your fitness 
  • Cultivating a positive mindset
  • Nourishing your soul for lasting well-being

🚀 During this online meeting, Layne will provide insights tailored to your unique needs, helping you kickstart your wellness journey.

🌟 After the call, you will receive:

  • All digital notes of the call
  • A video of the call for reference
  • A customized wellness plan for you to activate immediately at home

🚨 FIVE Appointments available each week! Book your $100 Health Strategy Call right now!

$100 Health Strategy Call