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Wellthy Soul

Wellthy Soul Teen Program

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An 8-week holistic coaching for teen girls lead by Layne Bruner, Wellthy Soul founder and American Council of Exercise Certified Health Coach.

🌟 Welcome to the Wellthy Soul Teens Program – a transformative journey for young women to define their purpose and set healthy boundaries. Begin by exploring personal values and charting a clear path towards achieving goals.

🥗 Our Registered Dietician at Wellthy Soul will empower teens with nutrition knowledge, offering whole food meal plans for a holistic approach to a healthy body composition – no calorie or macronutrient counting required.

🏋️‍♀️ Dive into exercise education to discover the optimal weekly movement for teen health, ensuring safety and effectiveness in workouts.

⏰ Learn the art of time management with the Wellthy Soul Time Management Practice – a surprisingly effective tool to balance responsibilities and embrace the joy of life.

🧠 Cultivate a resilient mindset through the Wellthy Soul Mindset Practice, guiding teens in positive self-talk and overcoming negativity. It's a fun and empowering journey for both teens and parents!

💫 Explore the introspective realm of Soul Work, where teens discover their passions, build grit, practice self-advocacy, and develop the ability to thrive in the world.

🤝 Accountability and support are integral to our program. As her second biggest cheerleader, alongside you, I'll help your teen expand, grow, and become a stronger version of herself. Let's embark on this empowering journey together!


Important: For each paid program, a teen girl from a single parent family is offered the Wellthy Soul Program free of charge. Your purchase gifts this program to another teen.


Teen will receive:

  • 8 weeks of holistic health and wellness virtual coaching
  • Wellthy Soul Teen Program eGuide, 8 Chapters with activities
  • One on one virtual coaching
  • Group virtual coaching
  • Local Austin gathering/walk (optional)
  • Wellthy Soul Teens shirt
  • Lifetime program reentry (only $99)

Cost $440 ($55 a week)

Wellthy Soul Teen Program