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Wellthy Soul

Family Nutrition Masterclass and Ebook by Wellthy Soul

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Does it feel like it's almost impossible to provide nutritious meals while managing a crazy family schedule? At Wellthy Soul, we want you to understand how to easily feed your kids well while sharing benefits of each item on the plate. When your children are independently living, they will be able to make conscious decisions about nourishment.

A curated Masterclass written by Clinical Dietician, Emily Parker and the Wellthy Soul Nutrition Team. This 30-minute, virtual series serves families with children 1- 15+ is designed to help you understand topics important to the health of your child. 

Class content:

Week 1: The good and the bad on food labels. Learn what to avoid

Week 1: Carb? Protein? Fat? How much? When? But Why? Clear up confusion on macros

Week 2: Picky eater no more! Learn tricks to expanding your selective eater's palate.

Week 2: Snacks that don't make you feel like a bad parent

Week 3: How to feed teens and tweens in the awkward years

Week 3: Zits, blackheads, and how to eat for healthier skin

Week 4: Smart kid food. Eating for brain health

Week 4: Stable mind- healthy body. Food for good mental health


✅ Sports Nutrition Book for Student Athletes *

*If purchased before 9/25/22


Join the Family Nutrition Masterclass, receive the ebook and attend four meetings on Tuesdays, 12-12:30pm CST. Enjoy giveaways and weekly activities in class.

September 27, 2022*
October 4, 2022*
October 11, 2022*
October 18, 2022*

*Classes will be recorded for future viewing.
Family Nutrition Masterclass and Ebook by Wellthy Soul